Why You Need A Virtual Assistant

I Am Your VA

In the current climate, why pay for costly full time employees when 'Your Virtual Assistant' can give you the resources you require to deal with your day to day tasks without the cost, risk and hassle of employing permanent staff?

You can use 'Your Virtual Assistant' services on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on your personal or business requirements.

'Your Virtual Assistant' understands that everyones' experiences and expectations are unique to them and their business, so it provides a full range of services that are tailored to your specific and emerging needs.

In summary

  • You only pay for the hours of work required
  • You are not paying for additional office space or equipment
  • You do not have employment costs, such as National Insurance contributions, holiday or sickness pay or expensive training
  • You are paying for a personal service

Giving you more time to do the things important to you or your business is the aim of 'Your Virtual Assistant'.

PEPS - could you & your business be more profitable, effective, productive & stress free?

Profitable - Is your workload preventing it being more profitable?

Effective - Do you constantly struggle with your priorities to meet routine deadlines?

Productive - Could your 'ways of working' be more organised and streamline to become more productive?

Stressless - Is your home/work life balance unrealistic?

If you have answered YES to more than one of the above then please give 'Your Virtual Assistant' a call to discuss some support!

Some Of The Tasks That 'Your Virtual Assistant' Can Manage For You:

  • Event management - exhibitions, corporate functions, conferences & parties
  • Project management - end to end
  • Assist with to-do lists - help with prioritising work
  • Expenses
  • Make and coordinate meetings and travel arrangements
  • Administration tasks
  • Produce presentations
  • Financial services - including bills/invoicing and revenue control
  • Manage telephone calls - inbound and out bound
  • Diary/Email management - day to day tasks
  • Take orders, bookings and enquiries
  • Website administration
  • Source/order services and supplies
  • Arrange and facilitate Board meetings, including minute taking
  • Write and send proposals, contracts and invoices
  • Prepare and send direct mail
  • Reminders
  • Confidential waste management
  • Holidays and sick absence coverĀ 
  • Out of hours/weekend support (an extra charge would be incurred)
  • Reformatting of student documents
  • Document binding
  • Support for new businesses

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